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This sport is believed to be originated from the ancient Celtic tradition of putting the stone which was used by the clans to help them to identify the strongest men for the battle purpose. The shot of women is 4kg and for men is 7.26 kg.

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Techniques of the shot put :

There are various techniques or styles that are used for shot put some of them are :

1. Disco put techniques or rotational techniques

2. Gliding technique or parry O’ Brien techniques

Let’s do some exercise with the shot put before performing the real throw:

1. Familiarising with the shot put :

This is done by the handling of the shot and tossing of the shot above the head. In every tossing, you will find that your elbow will extend which helps during the final throw.

2. Encircling around your waist

3. Figure of 8 :

In this, your upper body will be straight and bend from your knees and make a figure of 8 from legs

 4. Digging on ground

Hold the shot properly with the help of both the hands and then dig it on the ground which means throwing. Apply full force during digging.

5. Releasing the shot during elbow extension:

Grip the shot with fingers and the palm will be clean and the carry is on your collar bone and below the jaw. After taking the position release the shot.

6. Release the shot by flexing the knees

Everything will be the same as point 5 only the thing we have to do is releasing the shot by flexing the knees and you will find that you can throw it farther.

7. Release the shot by turning the waist

Now combine all the steps up to 6, the final combination will come as bend, turn and release.

8. After release shift for revers

Now you need to bend turn release and then reverse. This is also a combination step

9. Backward release of shot with the swing

Hold the shot on both hands, stretch your legs, take a swing, and release

10. Relasing the shot from the power position

Draw a line, stretch your legs behind the line, put your right foot at half-cut at a 45-degree angle. And left leg will be in the same position, both the elbow will be in the non-throwing position. Now take a swing and throw the shot and shift your leg to the reverse.

All these exercises will help in performing the release of the shot accurately.

Let’s have h look at the techniques :


In this technique, the upper body is bent over the right leg and the knees are together and slightly behind the right leg at the starting point. Now the lower body falls back from the waist Now the left leg is stretched and kept low as it extends across the ring. In this way, the disco put style is performed. This is the most basic style and generally, people perform the shot in this way as it is easy as compared to the 2nd type that we are going to discuss next.


  This technique includes –

a. Grip and Carry

The holding of the shot is very unique. Use only fingers for holding and the palm is clean. It is also called as. Dirty finger and clean palm. The carry of shot is done on the collars bone just below the jaw.

b. Initial stance

Be inside the circle And do your right foot in the front left leg back and left hand up.

c. T position

From the initial stance just Bend your waist and make T position.

d. Crouch

Make T position and then put left leg knee should be slightly forward then right leg and body will be in the crouch position. See in the non-throwing direction

e. Glide

Glide backward and come to the center of the circle with your right leg in 45 degrees and left foot in 90degree, bodyweight will be in front and both the shoulder in a non-throwing direction.

f. Power position

After gliding the position we attend is the gliding position. Now we are ready to throw the shot.

g. Release

If you release your shot from the power position your body has torque which gives you the full strength to throw the shot, and this torque can be attended only when you have the correct power position.

h. Reverse

After releasing comes to the right foot and is slightly bent. This is reverse or recovery.

These are the best exercises that are performed before the shot put throw and the best technique that helps us to throw the shot accurately.

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