The sports of throwing the discus was first played in the original Olympic games of ancient Greece. The discus as sports was resurrected in Germany by Christian George and his students in the 1870s.

The ancient Greeks considered the rhythm and the precision of an athlete throwing the discus as important as his strength.

120 Feet is the entry point to high-level discus throwing.


The technique of discus throw is divided into different stages that are listed below:

1. Grip and carry

2. Preliminary swing

3. Turn

4. Power position

5. Release

6. Reverse

There are various specific exercises performed for getting proper results in the discus throw.

GRIP AND CARRY: put the discus in the non-throwing hand then grip the discus with the throwing hand properly from the upper side in which the fingers tip will be holding the edge of the discus and the thumb will be on the discus.

Now as we have discussed how to grip the discus now we will further move to the exercises that we are going to do before we do the actual throw.

1. Tossing

Hold the discus and with the help of the index finger toss the discus by keeping it in a vertical position. Ensure that the discus will move in the clockwise direction.

2. Tossing above the head

The simple toss is done at a higher height. For this, we need to bend the waist and toss And everything remains the same as the normal tossing.

3. Rolling

You have to bend downward and roll the discus on the ground.

4. Grass cutting

Stand sideways from the starting point and then swing and throw the disc-like grass cutting. The discus should go flat and roll outward and it should be released from the index finger.

5. Grass cutting with the power position

Take the position and do 2 to 3 swings, bend and throw the discus. This helps to throw the discus straight.

6. Standing throw from the power position

Stand behind the line move the left leg to the line and stretch. Take the discus in the hand and then take 3 swings, bend and throw the discus.

Now let’s learn the technique one by one-

1. Grip and carry

We have already discussed the grip technique when we were learning about the exercises.

2. Preliminary Swing

Hold the discus in the hand and split your legs and then shift your body weight from one side to the other by swinging.

3. Turn

Split the legs bend and then turn on your toes. When the left leg will be in the direction of the throw then turn and come to the center.

4. Power position

After doing the turn part now the position that is achieved is the power position and turn your right leg to the center and get ready for the throw.

6. Release

After all the steps the major step is releasing. Swing 3 times on the power position and then throw the discus.

7. Reverse

Now after throwing, your body will be pointing towards the direction of the throw. Your right leg will go in the front and you will bend. This will make the reverse.

This is the full technique of the discus throw and the best exercises that are performed to get the best results.

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