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Swimming to have been practised in Egypt, the Greek and Roman civilization.

In Greece Rome and other countries, swimming lessons are also given.

The first swimming competition was held in Britain in the year 1830. In which most of the swimmers used breaststroke. In 1846 the first competition of 440 yards was held in Australia.

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Swimming was included in Olympics in the year 1896 in Athens only for men. In the year 1912 women were added to Olympics in Atlanta Olympics.

Swimming comes under FINA i.e federation internationalale de Natation  19 July 1908.


50 m length and 25m width the height is 1 to 6m, number of a lane in the pool is 8 but in Olympics, it is 10 in number. Lane width is 2.5m, water temperature in the water is 25 to 28 degrees centigrade, light intensity in the swimming pool is 600 lux,  there are backstroke present on both the end of the pool and it is of 5m length, a false start is marked on both side 15m from the starting point, lane marking length is 46m and thickness 20 to 30cm.

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Colour of lane ropes:

The 1st and last lane ropes are green in colour, then from both the sides 2 ropes each side is blue, the three middle ropes are yellow.


Swimming suit

Swimming goggles

Swimming cap


1. Freestyle

2. Backstroke

3. Butterfly stroke

4. Breaststroke

Swimming event in Olympics:

Total 34 event takes place.

In the 2020 Olympics, 37 events took place,  18 events each for men and women and one event was a mixed event. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics included for the first time the woman 1500 and the men’s 800 finally equalising the available events for men and women.

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1. Free style: 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m for both men and women.

2. BACKSTROKE: 100 m, 200m for both.

3. Breaststroke: 100m, 200m both

4. Butterfly stroke:100m, 200 m both

5. Individual medley: 200 m, 400 m  both

6. Marathon: 10km both

7. Relay: 4* 100 m freestyle

                 4*200 m freestyle

                 4*100 m individual medley

BASIC RULES for swimming

The freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and individual medley start with a dive.

The start in the backstroke and medley relay races should start from the water.

Any swimmer starting before the starting signal sound has been given shall be disqualified.

In all the events, a swimmer when turning shall make physical contact with the end of the pool of course the swimmers must end his race in his lane only.

Pulling lane rope is not allowed.

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A swimmer is not allowed to obstruct the swimmer in another lane.

After the completion of the race, the swimmers should immediately leave the pool.


8 lane pool: the fastest swimmer is granted 4th lane.

10 lane pool: the fastest is granted 5th lane. And others in a zig-zag manner.

An official in the game :

The referee is the main office in the whole game, all responsibility is in the hand of the referee. 2 starter referees, for judging the stroke,4 stroke judges are there, 3 inspectors of turn,  timekeeper, clerk of courses, control room supervisor, finish judge.


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