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The origin of football in England.

First football club: Schofield football club 24 October 1857

First football federation:  1863 London football association.

It was first added to Olympics in the year 1900 in France.

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Football is a game of 90 minutes, in which there are two halves of 45minutes and there is a break of 15 minutes between the halves. In these 90 minutes, the main objective of the team is to score more goals than other teams. Sometimes the time of match exceeds 90 minutes due to any reason then it is known as injury time.

If the results of the game are not out even after taking the extra time i.e 30 minutes which is divided into 2half that is of  15 minutes each and if then also the result is not out then the game goes to the penalty shoot out and tg the team who shoots more penalty wins the game.

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The professional football matches are played between 2 teams of 11 players each in which one player in each team is a goal keeper and the other 10 are outfield players.

During the match, you can substitute a maximum of 3 players. A minimum of 7 players should be there in the team otherwise the match will stop there.

Let’s talk about the football field :

The length of the field should be 90 m and the width should be 45m. All the rules of the game are valid inside this area only if the ball goes out then it can be brought in by the throw-in point or the corner.

To keep all these points in mind there is a minimum of 3 or more 3 referees is present. In which one referee is the official referee and the other 2 referees are the linesman who stays out of the field. The work of the office referee is to look after the free kicks, penalty and fouls.

The official referee has the power that if any player gets hurt during the game the game can be stopped.

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Linesman checks the throw in offside, corner kicks and goal kicks. The referee gives foul on intention and severity of the action. A foul inside the opposition penalty area is a penalty kick that is awarded to the opposition team.  Fouls elsewhere on the field is the free-kick. If too many fouls are taking place on the field then the referee has a special card for the offensive behaviour of the players.

2 types of cards are there:

1. Yellow card is used as a warning to the minor offence in the play.

 2. Red card is used rarely but can change the flow of the game.  The red card is given during, players fights, use of abuse to officials.

Deliberate handball to save the goal is a red card offence.

A ball is said to be a goal if it crosses the goal line otherwise it will not be called a goal.

This is all about the game of football.

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