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Tennis is believed to be originated in France in the 12th and 13 centuries. During that time the game was not played like we are playing now. The ball was hit with the palm and hence the game was called a game of Palm.

Old Latin and French name of tennis: Tenere and Tenney

In the 16th century, the use of racket started in the game and it was played on the lawn and hence the name given was lawn tennis.

Tennis can be played in various formats:

Singles, doubles, and team events( it is the combination of singles and doubles)  in both the case of men and women.

Then there is the next format called mix double in which a guy and girl are playing against a guy and girl pair.

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The tennis court is divided into 2 parts by the net in the between of the court.

There is a baseline and we need to hit the chap within the baseline. There is a service line you need to serve between the net and the service line.

There is a doubles line when the players are going to play doubles and a single line when players are going to play singles.

A centre mark present in the baseline. We don’t know the purpose of the center mark present in the baseline? So let’s just say that you are standing at the center mark just facing the net which divides the court into right and left.  .

Every point in tennis starts with the service, so serve standing on the right-hand side of the centre mark and behind the baseline. As you hit the ball, the ball should go to the service area of the opponent and the right side to the service area which means the first hit should be there.

2 chances are given, if the first service is not accurate then it is said as a fault and the second chance is given.

 Opponent  can serve you in your area anywhere, if he is successful to do that then it’s your turn to do it. Now, this goes on and on. So how do get the points?

To get the points there are 4 ways:

1.If you hit the ball in such a good way that the opponent is not able to reach the ball, then it is called a winner shot.

2.If you hit the ball and it gets 2 hits on the ground before he reaches the ball then you will get a point.

3.If you hit the shot and the opponent hit it back on the net, then a point is given.

4.If you hit the shot and the opponent hit back outside the Tennis court then a point is given.

If you serve and the opponent is not able to touch the ball it is called ace serve and you get the point.

When you hit the ball, it hits the net and bounces in the service area of the opponent then it is called reserve.

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These are the 4 ways you can get the points.

Now let’s talk about the scoring in tennis.

In every sport, the score starts with zero but in tennis zero is called love.

 When you win the 1st point it is called 15, for the 2nd it is 30, 3rf point it’s 40, and if you win the 4th the point you win the game.

So the conclusion is that you need 4 points to win the game, and you need to win 6 games to win one set and you need to win 2sets to win the match.

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So this is all about the tennis game, regarding its format, its shot, score, and the tennis court.

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