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The origin of ice hockey in Canada. And the first Indoor game was played on 3rd March 1875.

Ice hockey is played on the ice surface known as an ice rink. The length of the ice rink is 200 ft and 85 ft in width.

So as the players play on the ice they wear skets use a stick and hit the puck into the goal. puck is a rubber disc.

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And the objective of the players is to hit the puck into the hole.

The goal area is very small and the players need to hit the puck into the hole.

It is a game of 6 players on each team. There is 7 substitute player and there is no limit of substitute in the team, there is one goalkeeper in each team, in each team, there are 3 offensive players and 2 defensive players and 3 referees.

The game starts when the referee drops the puck into the center. The objective of the team is to hit the puck into the opponent’s goal.

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The goal can be done in different styles:

1. You hit the puck from the far distance and the puck directly goes into the goal.

2. Deflection: when one player hits the puck and another player of the same team deflects into the goal.

3. The goal is not at the end of the court it is under the court so the players can go behind the goal to hit the puck.

 As it is easier for the players to hit the puck in the goal when they are Close to the goal. They can go close to the goal by passing the puck directly or wall pass or wall dibble.

If the players cross the line of the other team before the puck then it is called offside and then there is a face-off to the closest members.

Now if you hit the puck and it crosses the red line ( one which is at the center and the other which is at the end ) that is called icing. Now the face of will take place near to your goal port.

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Offside and icing make the game more dynamic.

We have 4 offensive lines means 12 members.

Line 1 is the scoring line ( best)

Line 2 is the scoring line ( not as good as 1st line)

Line 3 is the checking line ( their main role is to tire the opponent)

Line 4 is a wild card

It is a contact sport which is one of the most interesting facts. If one player is hitting the puck the other player can come and push the player and make a contact.

Stick foul is not allowed in-game :

1 . Spearing ( hit on the side with stick)

2. High sticking( hit on the head )

3. Tripping ( make the player fall)

There are many more files that are not allowed and if you do you will have a penalty.

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Depending upon the type of foul the person will be out of the game for the recommended time i.e for minors foul 2min out and for major foul 5 Min Out.

This game is played in periods and one period is of 20 minutes. And a total of 3 periods is played i.e 60 minutes.

This is all about ice hockey.

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