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origin is Europe, boxing was included in Olympics in 1904 in st. Louis USA. Only men boxing was allowed at that time. In the year 1994 women’s boxing came into existence.

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It is a square-shaped ring with a side length equal to 7.80m.

The height of the platform is 1m. The height above the platform to the last rope is  1.321m. There isa total of 4 ropes. The distance of the rope from the platform is :

1 rope = 40cm

2 rope = 70cm

3 rope = 100Cm

4 rope = 130cm

The thickness of the rope is 4cm. The color of the side is blue and red.

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Colour of the corner in front of the supervisor:

 1. The left-hand corner near the supervisor is red.

2. The supervisor’s far left corner is White.

3. The supervisor’s far-right corner is blue.

4. The supervisor’s right-hand corner is White.


The Colour is red or blue.

Light flyweight to light better weight =  10 oz  for men and women both 

Better weight to super heavy weight= 12oz only for men

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Boxing is played in about.

Duration of the bout :

Elite youth men’s and women’s competition.

In one bout there is 3 round and each round is of 3min and after the 3min round, one minute break is given to the players.

Junior boy’s and girl’s competition:

In one bout there is 3round and each round is of 2min and after each round 1min break is given.

Safety equipment used in boxing is :



Groin protector

Hand wraps



10 points must system

In this system, there isa total of 5 judges and each of the players is given points in each round. The maximum point is 10 and the minimum point is 7 the judges cannot give a point less than 7 to any player.

After giving the score the judges have to give the scorepad to the supervisor within 15 seconds so that the points can be uploaded on the computer.

The following criteria to score round:

10 Vs 9 is a close round

10 Vs 8 is a clear winner

10 Vs 7 is Total dominance.


1. Hitting below the belt with the head

2. On the back of the opponent especially on the back of the head or neck.

3. Holding and hitting

4. Tripping

5. Kicking

6. Butting

7. Pulling

8. Biting


10. Faking or simulating

11. Unfair use of ropes

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1. Supervisor:

 The person who is appointed to be responsible for all competition issues.

2. Referee:

Ensures that all the rules are followed by the boxers during their bout in the ring.

3. Judges:

Judge means the person who allocates points during the bout based on each boxer’s performance in the ring with respect to the AIBA technical rules.

This is all about the history of boxing, its score, fouls, official, etc.

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