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Golf is a game that is originated in Scotland. In those early days, the players would hit the stone or pebble in the sand or dunes around the track with the help of the bent stick or club.

The primary objective of golf is very simple That is there is a ball and you need to hit the ball in the hole. As we compare the size of the ball and the hole is just double the size of the ball i.e hole is 4.25 inches. As the size ratio is such the players need to be very precise.

In golf, there is a golf ball, golf club, and golf hole. And the very interesting thing is that there is a bag which every golf player takes with them. In that bag they have 14 different golf clubs .for each shot we need to have a particular club.

There are actually 20clubs that player can play with but the sports association permit only 14 clubs with one player at a time so it is up to the players that which clubs they take.

There are multiple holes in the golf but they all have some similar components in them.

Let’s talk about one of the holes, the point from where they start playing is the tee box or the ground and the place where there is a hole is called the green because the grass there is like the carpet for proper rolling of the ball. The path from where the ball reaches the hole is called the fairway which is also the grass area but that is not as smooth and the players need to regularly hit the ball.

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Now there is one rough area, none of the players want their ball to be hit in the rough area as it becomes very challenging for them to bring it to the fairway.

Let’s talk about the types of the club:

When they start playing from the tee area they need to put the ball on the tee pen and use the driver club of 230 yards to play the first shot as they want their ball to reach as far as possible near to the hole.

Now as the ball is now near the hole then there is no need of using a driver, they now use the iron club. They have 8 different types of iron clubs, all 8 have different properties some of them hit more in height o

I.e 110 yards, some hit more in length i.e 170 yards. So it is up to the players that at which point of time they will need which type of iron club.

If the ball is close to holding they will use the wedges. The range of wedge is from 60 yards to 90 yards, so they need to make all these club decisions during playing that which will be better.

Once the ball goes to the green region they use putter club. In the green area, the grass is like carpet and the ball directly rolls there so no need to lift the ball they just little hit the Ball, and the ball goes into the hole.

But in the green region, there is the slope, now the players sit and look for the side that where is the slope, they calculate the slope and then decide that in which direction the ball should be hit.

In this whole scenario, we see that the players take 3 shots is first from the tee area to the fairway than from the fairway to the green, and then in the green to the hole. This is called PAR 3.

Every hole has a different PAR associated with it. It can be 3, 4, 5, 6, or more PAR.

There is one more area named a hazard if the ball goes in that area the players get into trouble as there can be sand or water. If a ball goes into the water they get a +1 penalty.

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Different types of shots:

1. The driver shot as they use the driver in the beginning so that the ball can go as far as possible.

2. The fairway shot

As the player is hitting the ball from the fairway area it is known as a fairway shot.

3. Approach shot

When they are very close to the green area then the shot played is known as approach shot as they are approaching towards the final destination.

4. Pitching or chipping shot

If the ball is in the sand then they need pitching or clipping so that they can take the ball out of there so that the ball can go to the green very easily.

5. Putting

Now when the ball reaches the green area they just need to roll the ball and they use a putter, and they properly examine the slope of the green area for making the ball reach the hole properly.

Scoring in the golf:

We see 2 elements in scoring that are shots and score.

PAR is also written there i.e the expected shots. If PAR is 5 and you take 5 shots to reach the hole then your score will be zero. As you didn’t do anything new you just worked on the expected shots. If you do in 4 shots they -1 score is given. The negative score is preferable.

There are different names given to the different under PAR :





If we go over the expected PAR then other names are given i.e




So more the negative score the better the player is.

This is all information related to golf.

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