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Basketball was discovered by the physician Doctors James Nasmith of Canada in 1891. He is also known as the father of basketball. In the beginning, the name of the game was duck on the rock. The first match of basketball ball was played in the year 1892.

The main objective of basketball is to put the ball into the basket. But the real basket is 10ft above the ground and the size of the basket is the same as the size of the ball so it is a challenging task to put the ball into the basket.

Basketball is placed on the wooden floor it’s identical ground which has 2 Halves and 2 baskets for each team.

For playing basketball each team has 5 players and the 7 players are the substitutes we can substitute any time if required.

Now the main objective here is to put your ball into the opponent’s basket and the opponent will put the ball in your basket.

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Depending upon where you throw the ball you will be given different points.

If you throw your ball from the 3 point line then you get the maximum point that is three, if you throw from the area under the 3 point line then you get 2 points.

There is a special time when one is given a free throw.

There are various ways that you can throw the ball like if you have a ball then you can run and put the ball, you can dribble the ball and then throw it in the basket or you can hand it over to your next team member for throwing it into the basket.

Throwing the ball into the basket is known as shoot.

For starting the game the ball is tossed and the player who catches the ball passes it to the team member and the game Starts.

The opponent member always tries to stop the other team members to put the ball into the basket.

Once your basket the ball is then given to the opponent now they will give it to their members for basketing the ball.

If you have thrown the ball to the outside area then the ball is given to the opponent or if your team members violate the rule then the ball will go to the opponent, so here violation is very important.

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1. 24sec rule: Your opponent has a ball now they have 24 sec to move the ball and make one attempt to basket the ball if they don’t do then we get the ball.

2. 8-sec rule: if we have the ball then we have 8sec to move the ball into the opponent’s area if we do not do so then the opponent gets the ball.

3. 5-sec rule: like if an opponent has the ball and if he doesn’t move doesn’t dribble the ball in 5 sec then we get the ball.

4. 3sec rule: if the opponent is standing in the lane zone for more than 3 sec then we get the ball.

Dribbling the ball with 2 hands is not allowed it is called double dribbling only one hand dribbling is allowed.

You can not move more than 3 steps by taking the ball in the hand it is called traveling.

If you are basketing the ball and the ball is just above the basket and if the opponent removes the ball it is called basket interference which is not at all allowed.

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If any of the players get hurt by the opponent then it is called foul. Depending upon the foul no. Of free throw is given.

Basketball is played in 4 quarters of 12 minutes each.

This is all about the game of basketball.

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