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Master Moves of judo

Though the word judo means the gentle way of watching judo it seems anything but to win in judo you have to throw your opponent to the ground or force them to submit with arm breaking joint locks or deadly choke holds kicks and punches are illegal but that that doesn’t mean judo doesn’t hurt.

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 one of judo’s best-known throws is though OCHI MATA to execute it a judoka grabs an opponent and pulls off-balancing him and giving him a forward momentum then he twists his hips and inserts his thigh beneath his opponent center of gravity his hip now become a fulcrum and his leg a lever just like a crowbar the trick is having your leg in just the right place.

 it’s just physics if you’re just an inch off the placement of your thigh and hip the amount of energy needed to throw an opponent can more than double but performed correctly uuchi model requires almost no energy yet it can deliver up to 5000 pounds of force about like falling from the top of a seven-foot ladder.

if it weren’t for the mat the throw like OCHI MATA would be enough to cause serious injury or even paralysis getting the dominant position is critical to securing the OKURI ERI JIME choke in judo once your’s positioned behind your opponent you roll forward using your momentum multiplied by the leverage of your leg to bring him to his back then wrap your legs around his body forcing his arm upwards while your hand pulls his key across his neck the collar of the key reduces the flow of blood to the brain to a trickle and ends the match hold this move for about 10 seconds and a fighter will blackout and if hold it a little bit longer the opponent may die.

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Another effective move in judo is sacrifice throw falling backward as your opponent charges pull your opponent off balance then you drive one leg into his midsection to guide his momentum lifting his center of gravity up and over and hurling him to the met. The sacrifice throw is a simple lesson in the conservation of energy the stronger the opponent attacks the further he gets thrown it works like a catapult where your opponent’s momentum supplies the counterweight the faster he’s going further he’s going to fly and the harder he will land there are lots of ways to get your opponent into position for the JUJI GATAME armbar but the most dynamic is to grab both his wrists and fall backward then use your weight and the and the force of gravity to pull your opponent to you catching him with your legs and slamming into the mat while keeping his elbow ice lir are ifted at your hips and his wrist at your chest by bending the elbow across the fulcrum of your hips and the game ends at that position.

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Alongside there are some basic judo throws that everyone should know.

  1. O uchigari
  2. O sotogari

O uchi and o soto work great as a combination. O uchigari is an inside trip, and o sotogari is an outside trip and they both are backward throws.

  • KoshiGuruma

Warp your dominant arm around the head, elevate and pull the sleeve.

  • O goshi

Can be done off of the underhood with a belt grip. O goshi and koshiguruma are both hip throws and turning throws.

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